17th Year Anniversary Gifts

Very often, wedding anniversary years are associated with what the years mean outside of marriage too. Being 17 means being right in the middle of your teenage years, with the excitement of soon becoming an official adult.

17 years of marriage is no easy feat, and it is proof of a committed and serious love. But the 17th anniversary is the perfect occasion to bring fun back into the equation, sparking the teenage romance once more and rekindling the early stages of the marriage. 

About 17th Wedding Anniversaries

Your 17th wedding anniversary might not seem like an important year to celebrate, but every year of marriage should be celebrated as a special occasion, and it’s an excuse to take some time to appreciate the marriage!

This anniversary is all about rekindling passion, love, and the fun of young romance. 

5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your 17th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Plan a romantic getaway, at a hotel or someplace else, so that you can fully focus on the relationship and enjoy some quality time alone. 

  2.  Take a look at what teenagers are doing nowadays for dates, and pick one to try out yourselves! It will make you feel like you’re both teenagers once more and might spark the passion all over again. 

  3.  As the gift for the 17th wedding anniversary is furniture, why not spend a day going to Ikea or similar to pick out a piece of furniture together? It can be a fun way to get excited about your home, just like you were when you were first creating it!

  4.  Plan something that you’ve both always wanted to do but haven’t. This anniversary is all about that teenage energy, and that includes leaving your comfort zone and finally trying out those new things! 

  5. Have an outdoor cinema date! You could even create this at home with a projector, and make a fort out of pillows along with a fancy picnic to celebrate. 

5 Best 17th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him


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A handmade scrapbook and photo album full of memories that sum up the 17 years of marriage can be the perfect gift to get your man to tear up a little bit, and it will relive all of the romantic feelings.


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If you want a gift that insinuates fun, while remaining classy, this globe whiskey decanter is the perfect home addition to celebrate the marriage with. A toast to romance! 


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As the 17th anniversary is all about fun and romantic energy, this trophy husband gift can be a fun way to express your love and appreciation, plus it makes for a funny decor addition to remember the day by! 


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The flower used to represent a 17th wedding anniversary is the carnation, so this carnation flower brooch pin will look rather apt on your husband if you’re going out to celebrate with a fancy meal!

And as a symbol of love and desire, it might help create the energy you’re going for!


[amazon fields=”B00ET0J0Q2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

A fancy bottle of cologne is always a great wedding anniversary gift, perfect to create the right ambiance through the right scent.

As the 17th wedding anniversary is typically celebrated with red carnations, this carnation scented cologne is ideal for celebrating the occasion appropriately! 

5 Best 17th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her


[amazon fields=”B07232RF63″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

A rose is a perfect way to represent the passion and romance of a 17th wedding anniversary, and this gold-dipped version of the flower with a stand will decorate her home as a reminder! 


[amazon fields=”B08P1PT3Y8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This real rose is preserved in an elegant see-through box, and it comes with a matching necklace inscribed with ‘I love you’ in many different languages, which is bound to make her swoon! 


[amazon fields=”B07ZC132VN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Carnelian is the gemstone that symbolizes a 17th wedding anniversary, as it represents passion and desire. This bracelet is elegant and highly appropriate for the occasion!


[amazon fields=”B01NAGXGLT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Furniture is the typical 17th-anniversary gift, but home decoration can be a perfect alternative. This is a beautiful lamp that will symbolize the romance within the relationship! 


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If the 17th wedding anniversary is all about that teenage romance, why not get her a love message in a bottle? It’s a fun and romantic way of expressing the importance of the occasion.

5 Best 17th Anniversary Gift for the Couple


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As furniture is the appropriate gift to symbolize 17 years of marriage, why not gift the couple a brand new matrimony bed? It will be incredibly useful, and perfect to represent their marriage! 


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A red carnation is the flower for the 17th wedding anniversary and presented as a bouquet of scented soap, it will be an elegant gift that is perfect for their home and perfect to celebrate their marriage.


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The 17th wedding anniversary is all about reliving the fun of young passion, so this set of metal dice are perfect for them to create new date night ideas, left to the whims of fate!


[amazon fields=”B00JWEJVU0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

In many countries, a rose is the traditional 17th wedding anniversary gift, as it represents passion and love. You can gift them this potted rose to decorate their home, as a beautiful keepsake to mark the occasion. 


[amazon fields=”B07WZBM458″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Furniture can be a little expensive to get as a gift, but home decor is the next best thing and the perfect alternative to symbolizing the 17th anniversary.

This personalized ornament will be the perfect keepsake to remember the day by.

Traditional, Modern, and Symbolic Anniversary Gifts

Some anniversaries, such as the 17th year, don’t tend to be significant or commonly celebrated as an important milestone, so it can be extra hard to think of a meaningful gift.

However, every year of marriage should be celebrated as a special occasion, so let’s take a look at what the traditions are in different places after 17 years of marriage.

Traditional Gift in the UK

In the UK, there isn’t really a traditional gift to represent 17 years of marriage, so you will either have to look at what other places do, or come up with your own unique idea!

Traditional Gift in the US

Just like in the UK, the US doesn’t have a traditional 17th wedding anniversary gift. You’re left to think of one yourself, so you could design a gift that symbolizes those 17 years in a way that is unique to your own marriage. 

Traditional Gift in Spain

In Spain, the traditional gift for the 17th wedding anniversary is a wallflower. This flower, also known as the Erysimum, comes in different vibrant colors, and it is a symbol of fidelity. After 17 years of marriage, it represents the commitment to one another, making it a perfect gift!

Traditional Gift in Germany

In Germany, the traditional gift for the 17th wedding anniversary is an orchid. This beautiful flower, with its exotic and vibrant appearance, has always been a symbol of fertility and sexuality, and it has often been used to represent young love.

Traditional Gift in Russia

In Russia, the traditional gift for the 17th wedding anniversary is a rose. This flower is an obvious symbol of love and romance, and it is often also associated with passion and deep feelings. 

Traditional Gift in France

Just like in Russia, in France, the traditional 17th-anniversary gift is also a rose. As this wedding anniversary is all about enjoying the romance and rekindling the fun, a rose is perfect for symbolizing the enduring passion.

Traditional Gift in Italy

In Italy, the traditional 17th wedding anniversary gift is a violet. This flower is usually associated with modesty and is especially linked to the Virgin Mary, which might seem odd when celebrating 17 years of marriage. However, they are also a big symbol of love, and in particular, faithfulness within love.

Flower Gift

If you want a flower to symbolize 17 years of marriage, that will get the meaning across no matter where you are, a red carnation is the answer. It is no wonder that with the deep red color of this flower, it’s a symbol for love and affection, quite similar in meaning to the rose!

Gemstone Gift

If you’re looking for the gemstone used to represent the 17th wedding anniversary, it’s the carnelian. This gemstone, with its red-orange color, is often worn to enhance love, passion, and desire. Perfect for sparking the fun once more!

Modern Gift

As time passes, traditions evolve, adapting to new trends and meanings. Nowadays, the gift to celebrate 17 years of marriage is a piece of furniture. It represents the commitment to building a home together and the making of a life.

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