There is something simply magical about an anniversary.

You and your partner’s time together celebrated on your own day reserved for only you. No matter whether it’s your first, fifth, or 55th anniversary together, your day should never become less important to you both.

Hi, I’m Madeline Blackstone and I love celebrating love. As a wedding planner by day, I cannot get enough of the special bond that two people share through their love. That is why I decided to create Oh Lovely Day Mag, where I can play just a small part in your love story.

Growing up in a broken household, I never witnessed much of a loving relationship between two people. As soon as I grew older and realized that love did very much exist and was available to me, I just couldn’t get enough!

Along with my husband of six years, I celebrate my wedding anniversary every summertime. While the day is not all about the gift exchange, we all love to see what our partner has seen to make them think of us, don’t we?

But when spring rolls to a close, my husband begins to get stressed and overwhelmed with the idea of getting me a gift that I don’t like. No matter how many times we say that it’s the thought that counts, no one wants to be the bearer of a bad gift.

This is the premise that inspired me to create Oh Lovely Day Mag. Now my husband and I celebrate every year, along with our two German Shepards - Banjo and Pickle - without the added stress that comes along with gift-giving.

I hope that you love my site as much as we do, and put the fun back into your anniversary with our help. Congratulations to you and your partner, and may there be many more special days celebrating you to come!

Madeline Blackstone