33rd Year Anniversary Gifts

You’ve managed to reach a huge achievement as your 33rd wedding anniversary is coming up and you want to make it extra special. But what do you buy for your significant other?

Although it’s not a rounded number or one of the traditional “milestone” anniversaries, there is a significance in reaching 33 years of marriage. 

Seen as a year of spiritual reflection, 33 years of marriage is an incredible feat and can be used as a day of reflection on many decades of memories.

33rd year anniversary gifts

Whether you like to adorn your other half with a lot of material items or like to provide immersive experiences that incorporate memories from your many years of marriage, there are gifts for everyone whether you like to go down the traditional or modern routes. 

In this guide, we’ll be taking you through lots of inspiring ideas that will help you decide what to get for your other half. From venturing around the world to see what countries traditionally purchase to celebrate 33 years to more modern interpretations.

You can take a more literal approach or interpret the ideas and have a bit of fun with it. Remember that this is your day and whatever you get is sure to go down a treat.

Whether you’re planning this day way in advance or have left it until the last minute, there are gift ideas for everyone on any budget to mark this day in the most special way possible. So whatever point of the world you take your inspiration from, there is something for everyone that is sure to spark some inspiration. 

Religious background

Although it may not be a well known fact, some religious couples see 33 years as a hugely significant time in their marriage. For devout Christians, it is important because it is the age that Christ died as well as the number of miracles the Bible says he performed.

In Judaism, 33 is the numerical representation of the Star of David because it is made up of 2 triangles and the way they intertwine, this brings the number to 33. Also, the numerical equivalent of AMEN is 33 if following the code that a=1, b=2, etc as it reads: 1+13+5+14=33. 

If religion is important to you then maybe you would like to take the day to reflect on your wedding day by looking back on some photos from the day. Perhaps you are more crafty and want to create a photo album that chronicles the many years you have shared today.

Maybe gather some footage from the wedding and have someone burn it onto a DVD so you can watch and reflect on the memories and the family members and friends you celebrated with.

Most traditional gifts

Although there are no traditional gifts for 33 years of marriage in the US or UK, there are some countries that have traditional gifts for the anniversary. In Spain, Germany and Italy, 33rd wedding anniversaries are marked with gifts made from tin.

Although this may not be the most luxurious of materials such as gold or ruby, there are many ideas that can inspire you for the special occasion. In the US and UK, tin is actually the traditional gift for 10 year anniversaries so it’s not an unheard anniversary gift material.

You may have already gotten tin for your 10 year anniversary if you are traditional but there is nothing wrong with getting another tin material present.

Maybe you could even incorporate the Spanish, German or Italian culture into it to make it traditional in another way. However, nowadays, diamond gifts are commonly given for 10 year anniversaries in the UK and US rather than tin as it is viewed as more a milestone then it used to be.

Whether you want to get a special tin trinket box for your other half to keep important items in or get something small and cute such as a candle in tin packaging, there are many avenues you can take when going down the tin route.

Tin is a strong and resourceful material meaning you can easily purchase a gift or even make something special yourself for that extra sentimental value. 

Other traditional gifts

Although tin is the most popular traditional gift for the countries that do celebrate 33 years, there are also some countries that have more natural gifts to commemorate your anniversary.

In Russia, it is traditional to mark the day with strawberries which can be taken literally or can provide a lot of inspiration. If you don’t want to fill your significant other’s day with strawberries and cream then maybe a gift that is adorned with strawberries is more your thing such as an item of clothing or perhaps a strawberry plant for the keen gardener. 

Strawberries are usually a Summer fruit and they can be tricky to find in the Winter months so don’t be afraid to incorporate strawberry flavored foods such as jam into the day.

Maybe you’re an avid baker and want to make a Victoria sponge or some other delicious dish. This is a simple yet lovely idea that can be achieved by anyone.

Nothing says “Happy Anniversary” like a lovely dinner with a beautiful cake at the end of the meal. This will make it a day to remember for many years to come.  


In modern day, it’s common for people to research a significant gemstone as jewellery is always a popular form of gift and can provide a lot of inspiration for both women and men. For 33 years, the gemstone associated with it is amethyst.

Amethyst is a beautiful purple gemstone that represents calm and meditation which fits in with the spiritual aspects that come with a 33rd wedding anniversary.

A highly accessible gemstone to find in jewellers, amethyst is a great stone to look at for those on a budget and can be incorporated into a lot of lovely jewellery, particularly silver and white gold.

Whether you want a subtle hint of amethyst in some stud earrings or a large statement necklace, there are many jewellery options out there. Even amethyst cufflinks for men so they’re not left out either.

If your significant other is more spiritual or likes to incorporate unique ornaments into the home then you can still go for an amethyst gift.

For those on a higher budget, you can purchase a large amethyst crystal that can add a statement to any home and bring in those calming qualities that you want to exude on your wedding anniversary. 

A lovely gift for those who like to bring crystals into their lifestyle, a large amethyst can suit the majority of color schemes as well as look beautiful and makes for an interesting ice breaker for guests. 

Spiritual gifts

As mentioned earlier in this guide, 33rd wedding anniversaries are supposed to be celebrated through reflection. Maybe you don’t want to purchase a gift at all and want to take your other half for a special spiritual experience.

Whether this is a spa weekend filled with luxurious treatments and a romantic stay at a hotel or perhaps you go down memory lane and visit places that mean a lot to you and your relationship journey, there are so many options that you can interpret in terms of bringing a spiritual aspect to your anniversary.

For those who have a larger budget, perhaps you would want to take a relaxing holiday where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy each other’s company or if you’re on a tighter budget then simply visiting significant local places is a more sentimental approach that will melt any heart.

There are so many options and opportunities to bring that reflection and wisdom from your many years of marriage and incorporate it into an immersive experience that your other half will never forget.

In conclusion, the best thing to remember about buying gifts for your other half is that it’ll be special no matter what and to have fun with it. Buying gifts for such a special occasion shouldn’t be a stressful endeavor and hopefully you see that there is plenty of inspiration and ideas out there for any kind of person.

Since 33 years isn’t considered a major milestone, you don’t have to worry about splashing out tons of cash and breaking your bank. The brilliant thing about 33 years is that it is a day of reflection and wisdom so going down the sentimental avenue for your gift is the best way forward to make it even more memorable.

Hopefully this guide has shown you that there are many different ideas and routes you can go down when purchasing your wedding anniversary gift.

So whether you like to stick by tradition and go for a tin present or want to whisk your significant other on a holiday for an immersive and relaxing experience that you’ll remember forever, there are many ways in which you can celebrate your 33 years in true romantic style.

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