23rd Year Anniversary Gifts

Spending 23 years with your partner is definitely something that you should celebrate, but you might be wondering what to buy as a gift to mark the date.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with a list of everything that you need to know about this special anniversary.

About 23rd Anniversaries

Twenty-three years is a very long time to be married, and it is definitely a cause for celebration. This anniversary is typically represented through symbols that mark the occasion and that means something to you and your partner.

As we have previously mentioned, silver plate is the modern gift that is given on the 23rd anniversary, but there is no traditional gift idea for the US and UK. However, many other countries do have traditional gifts that we have mentioned above.

Interestingly, the color silver actually symbolizes beauty, and there are also others that believe that the color silver represents the window to your soul, which makes it the perfect gift idea for an anniversary.

23rd Year Anniversary Gifts23rd Year Anniversary Gifts

5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your 23rd Wedding Anniversary

  1. You could make use of the silver-plated gift idea and have a night in using your new dinnerware. You could even choose to cook your own meal to add an additional personal touch.

  2. You could also choose to have a party to celebrate your 23 years of marriage with your close family and friends.

  3. If you wanted to do something even more special, you could plan a holiday abroad to a place that you have both wanted to visit or a place that is special to you both.

  4. The traditional 23rd-anniversary gift for some countries is water, so you could even plan a romantic boat trip for two to mark the occasion.

  5. If you are looking for something a little simpler, you could go and see a movie and just enjoy each other’s company.

5 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him


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Why not go for something more modern-themed and buy your partner a simple leather bracelet with a silver-plated metal plaque on the front?

If this is something that your partner would wear, this would make the perfect gift for him.


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If jewelry isn’t really their thing, then you could opt for something that can be worn on special occasions instead, like cufflinks.

These cufflinks are even made out of titanium, which is the traditional gift that is given on a 23rd anniversary in Germany.


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If none of the above suggestions have caught your eye yet, then you could stick with the silver-plated them and go for something a little less conventional.

This silver-plated platter gift set would make a great gift that you could even use for a night in celebrating your anniversary.


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Another great idea for a gift for your partner to celebrate your 23rd wedding anniversary is a silver-plated photo frame.

You can even pick out your favorite photo of you and your husband and put it inside the frame to make it more personalized.


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If you are looking for something that is a little bit more practical, and your husband enjoys having a drink, then this bottle opener could be a great gift for him.

It is also made from titanium, following on with Germany’s traditional gifting option.

5 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her


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This gift also sticks to the more modernized theme of silver-plated gifting, and it is a stunning real rose flower that has been dipped in silver.

It also comes with a stand, so it can be put up on display for everyone to see, and you can opt to get it in different colors too.


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If your wife is the type of person that wears jewelry or has lots of little bits lying around that need a home, this special silver-plated keepsake box could be the perfect gift for her.

You can also engrave silver, so you could take it somewhere to get a lovely message engraved on it too.


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There are also a few different countries that opt for using the mineral beryl as a 23rd-anniversary gift, so you could make use of this with a beryl bead charm bracelet.

It is both simple and beautiful.


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The flower that is typically given on the 23rd wedding anniversary is dark red blossoms, and with these artificial flowers, you can buy her flowers that will last forever.


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If you are struggling to find a gift for your wife, this imperial topaz ring could be the one, sticking to the traditional gemstone gifts for 23rd anniversaries.

5 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for the Couple


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A great gift for the happily married couple could be this set of two stainless steel bottles.

The traditional gift that is given in some countries is water, so this could be a nice gift for thinking outside the box.


[amazon fields=”B07P6DK3PG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

These two titanium steel pendants would make a lovely and quirky gift for a married couple.


[amazon fields=”B01ATHHCRM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you are looking for a set of pendants that are a little more sophisticated, then this set of matching titanium pendants could be the one. 


[amazon fields=”B07J15C12S” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

You could also choose to buy the happily married couple this silver-plated dinner set that they could use for special occasions such as their anniversary.


[amazon fields=”B00BW4U6UC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Our final gift idea for couples on their 23rd anniversary is the silver-plated tray that can be used as either a serving tray or a vanity tray, making a great decorative piece.

Traditional, Modern, and Symbolic Gifts

After 23 years of being with your partner, it can be difficult to keep thinking of new gift ideas for each anniversary.

You might find it helpful to draw inspiration from some of the traditional, modern, and symbolic gifts that are typically given on a 23rd anniversary in lots of different places around the world.

We will list them all below for you to read about, and hopefully, it will help to get some ideas flowing.

Traditional Gifts Around the World

Traditional Gift - US

There are not any traditional anniversary gifts that are given for a 23rd anniversary in the United States, but attitudes are changing to adopt a more modern approach by gifting silver-plated items.

Traditional Gift - UK

There is no traditional wedding gift for the 23rd anniversary in the UK, but it is becoming increasingly popular so buy a silver-plated gift in modern times. We will give you some more information on modern anniversary gifting further on.

Traditional Gift - Spain

In Spain, the traditional gift that is typically given for the 23rd anniversary is water. This is quite subjective, and it can be applied to many different gift ideas, depending on how creative you want to get.

Traditional Gift - Germany

If you live in Germany you will know that the gift that is given for the 23rd anniversary is titanium. Many will opt for jewelry that is made from titanium, but this versatile material comes in many gift varieties.

Traditional Gift - Russia

The gift that is given in Russia on the 23rd anniversary is something a little different from other places, and the traditional gift is beryl. For those who don’t know, beryl is a mineral that can be turned into some beautifully unique gifts.

Traditional Gift - France

Similarly to in Russia, the traditional gift that is given in France on a 23rd anniversary is beryl. The great thing about beryl is that it can be carved into many different shapes and it can be found in different sizes.

Traditional Gift - Italy

In Italy, the traditional gift that is given and received for a 23rd anniversary is water. While this might not sound so interesting, if you think outside the box, you can come up with some really creative ideas for the perfect gift.

Flower Gift

The flower that represents the 23rd anniversary is a deep dark red blossom. The leaves the options open to a variety of different types of flowers, like roses, gerberas, peonies, and more, so there are lots of different options to choose from.

Gemstone Gift

The gemstone gift for the 23rd anniversary is imperial topaz. The traditional Indian belief systems believe that topaz is able to unlock the throat chakra, and this facilitates communication and self-expression, which makes a lovely anniversary gift in itself.

There are also some people that believe that topaz can actually promote virility, specifically in men, and the ancient Greeks thought that it was an extremely powerful stone that could increase the strength of those that wore it.

They also believed that it would provide the wearer with invisibility. There were also people such as the Egyptians and the Romans, who believed that the yellow topaz was associated with the Sun God.

Even if you don’t believe that any of these things are true, it is still a nice thing to have in mind when choosing an imperial topaz gift.

Modern Gift

While there is no gift, in particular, that is associated with the 23rd wedding anniversary in some places, modern values have explored the idea of using silver-plated gifts to celebrate the occasion.

It might not be the traditional way of doing things, but it is becoming increasingly popular in modern society. One of the best things about silver plate is its versatility, and you can find it in so many different forms.

Many people will opt for gifts like photo frames to hold a special moment or silver-plated spoons, but there are other things that you can choose.

These are typically gifts that will represent togetherness, and it is up to you to decide how you can do this. However, it doesn’t have to represent togetherness if you wanted to go for something more meaningful to you and your partner.

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