22nd Year Anniversary Gifts

Congratulations on making it to your 22nd anniversary! Making the spark of a relationship last for such a long time is amazing. 

22nd wedding anniversaries are not traditionally celebrated. As it's 2021 and we need to get all the happiness we can, here are some gift suggestions.

About 22nd Wedding Anniversaries

After 22 years of marriage, you will have spent more than 693 million seconds as partners. 

The number 22 is known as an angel number, meaning it indicates a message from angels. It is highly powerful and is renowned for turning dreams into reality. The 22nd year of marriage may well be the happiest you have ever been.

The number also suggests balance, a good omen for this year. It is associated with partnerships, adaptability, and selflessness. Take note of these, and carry them forwards with you as you progress past this anniversary.

22nd-year anniversary gifts

5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your 22nd Wedding Anniversary

As copper is the gift of choice this year, why not go for a tour of a copper mine? Kennecott Copper mine in Salt Lake is the largest and richest copper mine in the world. Gold and silver are also mined here. This is a completely unique way to celebrate your anniversary.

There is not just one flower for this anniversary. Why not take a flower arranging class to create your own bouquets? This is a great skill to learn for the rest of your life and allows you to choose which flowers are inside your mixed bouquets. This is a nice way to spend time with your spouse doing something creative.

Leave a series of 22 notes around the house for your spouse to find. You could do this in the form of a treasure hunt. The note could have a happy memory from each year of your marriage and could conclude with you or a gift.

In a similar vein to the first suggestion, why not take a trip to Chile? They have the largest copper reserves in the world. If you enjoy more far-flung travel, this is a great suggestion.

If nostalgia is more your cup of tea, why not take a walk down memory lane. Revisit your wedding venue and see how much it has changed since your wedding day. If it’s empty, walk down the aisle. Swap memories of the day.

5 Best 22nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him


[amazon fields=”B01LW4B7GK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

These mugs are made of 100% food-safe copper. They come with a copper jigger and 4 copper straws.

This makes the ideal set if your husband is partial to a cocktail or two.


[amazon fields=”B071RRB88H” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This adds a nautical feel to any room. If your husband is always forgetting his keys, this is a great way to ensure they are all kept in one place.

It can be mounted on a wall straight from the box. It is so nicely made that it can even be placed on the wall as a stand-alone piece of artwork.

If your husband loves the sea and wat3r animals, this is a great and useful gift to commemorate your anniversary.


[amazon fields=”B081TLYZVB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This ring is made from a titanium band with an inset spinel. This band seems macho and is thick and resilient.

Spinel is the gemstone for this year, and will beautifully commemorate your 22nd anniversary. If your husband is partial to jewelry, this makes the perfect gift.


[amazon fields=”B07G721665″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

We all know how much a lit candle adds to the ambiance of a room. What better way to commemorate your anniversary than by purchasing a set of copper candle holders.

Not only are they symbolic due to the copper, but every time you look at them you will be reminded of the spark of your love and the fire of your relationship burning.


[amazon fields=”B083FFLM2S” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is a truly adorable way to show your love for your husband. Record yourself saying the words ‘I love you’ and send it off to the company.

They will extract the soundwave and engrave it onto a sheet of copper that can be displayed in your home. Every time they look at it, they will be reminded of your feelings for them.

5 Best 22nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her


[amazon fields=”B07DMYWDWQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This black spinel necklace with a 14K yellow gold bead in the center is a classy and elegant gift to give to your wife.

Every time she wears it she will think of you, and it is like there is a small part of you with her at all times. 


[amazon fields=”B07P9RQJWK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This mixology set is the perfect complimentary gift to the Moscow mule mugs mentioned above.

This set contains everything you need to make a huge variety of cocktails from the comfort of your own home. 

It comes with a wooden display unit, meaning it is ready to be placed anywhere and look elegant.


[amazon fields=”B07F3FMJZ5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If your wife is more partial to wine, why not get her some copper wine glasses? These are chic and stylish, adding a different aesthetic to your home.

The slanted copper-coated design allows the heat of your hand to warm red wine to a drinkable temperature.


[amazon fields=”B07GYQ4RQT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you are interested in home design, we suggest purchasing your wife an engraved copper pitcher. This would complement the copper cocktail equipment we suggested earlier.

The jug can simply be decorative or can be used to transport water or cocktails for a group of people. 


[amazon fields=”B01N0E6ZMA” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is a really sweet idea for an anniversary gift. The rose is coated in bronze, making it a good commemorative gift for your 22nd wedding anniversary.

Roses have long been used to symbolize love, and this is one rose that will never wilt. This could represent the love in your relationship never dying.

5 Best 22nd Anniversary Gift for the Couple 


[amazon fields=”B00V3LO6DM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is a great gift for the happy couple. The endless nature of the knot represents the endless love between the two.

It is beautifully crafted and can be placed anywhere around the home for a quirky addition to the room. 

It is engraved with the words ‘there is no strength without unity’, a perfect message for a happy marriage.


[amazon fields=”B01A77698C” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

A fondue is a romantic experience to share with your partner. This copper fondue set looks elegant and is highly effective.

It can be used for cheese, chocolate, or whatever tickles your fancy. This is a great gift as it encourages you to do activities together and stimulates conversation. 


[amazon fields=”B07BSPDVMK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

These are highly functional and durable. Copper pots will last a much longer time and are a great investment for the couple’s home.

Copper is a material capable of holding and generating heat, symbolizing the undying warmth of your relationship.

This is a 12 piece set and is ideal for having an overhaul of cooking utensils.


[amazon fields=”B08BVV8YMB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

A copper ingot is a slightly strange gift but could work for the right couple. If their home is decorated with a chic and modern industrial feel, this ingot will complement the aesthetic perfectly. 

It comes with a certificate of authenticity to ensure your ingot has been verified. It can be used as a paperweight or simply as decoration.


[amazon fields=”B00NQAFCWC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is another interior design gift. The sculpture features a couple engaging in a romantic embrace.

The linked sculpture is made of bronze and is ideally suited to a heterosexual couple. It depicts the power of love and intimacy.

There are others available online which are more gender fluid and depict androgynous figures for couples that do not fit into the male and female gender norms.

Traditional, Modern, and Symbolic Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift in the UK

In the US, UK, Italy, and Spain the traditional gift for your 22nd anniversary is copper. Copper traditionally symbolizes love as it is ruled by the planet of Venus. As copper is malleable, it is meant to represent how your relationship has evolved and been shaped by you both over time.

Traditional Gift in the US

Traditional Gift in Spain

Traditional Gift in Italy

Traditional Gift in Russia

In France, Germany, and Russia the traditional gift is bronze. This is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper. It lasts a lot longer and represents longevity in the relationship. The alloy nature represents the melding of two people to become something stronger in union.

Traditional Gift in France

Traditional Gift in Germany

Flower Gift

Flowers have long been used to add a depth of symbolism to events. There is not one specific flower traditionally associated with this anniversary. Instead, it is customary to give a mixed floral bouquet.

Gemstone Gift

There is also a gemstone gift of spinel. This is said to increase devotion and set aside your ego while in a relationship. It is also used to boost passion and longevity for your marriage.

Modern Gift

The modern gift for your 22nd anniversary is copper. Copper has also been used as a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and general perfection. What more could you ask for in a marriage?

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