52nd Year Anniversary Gifts

52 years of marriage is a wonderful milestone and something very special to celebrate. For the “not so newlyweds” there is a wide range of ways to celebrate this momentous occasion and certain gifts to give. 

In this article, we are going to go through the traditional gifts for the 52nd wedding anniversary associated with different countries as well as the gemstones and flowers linked to this date.

Along with modern gift ideas, we will see what the best gift ideas are for him, her, and the happy couple celebrating this anniversary.

About 52nd Wedding Anniversaries

52 years of marriage is still an event worth celebrating to the fullest. This can be done in a whole host of ways including with the traditional and modern gemstone star ruby.

The star ruby is referred to as the eternal gemstone and has been seen as a talisman of protection, passion, and prosperity.

These are all vital qualities that have helped a marriage last for over half a century. It symbolizes the sun with its glowing hue representing a flame that can’t go out just like love. 

Legends even claim this hue would shine through thick clothing and would be impossible to hide which can all relate to the power of love.

5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your 52nd Wedding Anniversary

There are many ways to celebrate 52 years of marriage. After this amount of time, you will know each other better than ever before so choosing how to celebrate together should be something you know the both of you will enjoy. Here is a list of unique ways to celebrate together.

  1. Go out for a romantic meal at your favorite restaurant and order the best champagne on the menu. This is a cause for celebration after all!

  2. Plan a party! Celebrate with family and friends for a fun, exciting party you’ll always remember.

  3. Maybe spice things up and plan a vacation to the place where you first met or got married. Maybe there’s a place you’ve always wanted to visit and a 52nd anniversary is no better time to do so.

  4. With star ruby symbolizing an opening of the mind, why not try something new together such as salsa lessons or ballroom dancing. This can be exciting and you may even be amazing at it.

  5. Cook your partner their favorite meal and relax in the comfort of your own home. This is a great way to spend quality time together without much expense.

4 Best 52nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Trying to think of gifts for your significant other after 52 years of marriage may be quite difficult. No need to worry as ere are 4 great gift ideas for him:


[amazon fields=”B01MSAR2YK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If he likes to get his fingers green in the garden, why not get him some new gardening accessories or equipment?

Items such as an outdoor gardening hothouse for growing various plants will keep him occupied and you’ll be able to grow your favorite veggies for free.


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Sundials symbolize the passing of time and a beautiful brass sundial would look great in any garden.


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These are great fun and something you can both enjoy together or with friends and family.


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If he loves to stay active with sports like golf or tennis, consider gifting some sports accessories such as golf balls, new sneakers, or clothing.

This is both something he will love and use for a good amount of time.

5 Best 52nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Finding it hard to think of the right gift to give your wife on your anniversary? Here are some ideas!


[amazon fields=”B06Y3T8G1Z” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Jewelry trees are a great gift idea for their practicality and symbolism.

Some believe the branches symbolize love with a new one growing every year you are together.


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What better way to celebrate your 52 years of marriage than with a star ruby ring.

Red and sensual, this beautiful ring will remind her of your burning love and desire that is inextinguishable and will go on forever.


[amazon fields=”B001I8A34Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This stunning silver heart-shaped necklace will take her breath away. Its star ruby color will symbolize the passion and long-lasting love between the two of you.

This is the very symbol of love.


Bouquet of Mixed Flowers

You can always go down the traditional route. A bouquet of mixed flowers (make sure they are her favorite) is always a sure way of pleasing her on your wedding anniversary.

Their vibrancy and breathtaking aromas will fill your home beautifully.


[amazon fields=”B00I6JOBPC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

With star ruby being the symbol of everlasting passion and love, there is no better way of celebrating this with an everlasting dipped rose.

Dipped in a rich red color, this will be associated with the very essence of never-ending love between you both. 

4 Best 52nd Anniversary Gift for the Couple

Choosing gifts for couples celebrating their wedding anniversary is a wonderful way to celebrate their love and show your admiration for them. Here are 5 great gifts to get that special couple in your life:


[amazon fields=”B07PWYHYL5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This wonderful sign can be personalized to suit the happy couple.

Hand-crafted in the USA, it will become a cherished gift remembering a very special occasion.


[amazon fields=”B07ZRNN6DW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This would be a unique accessory for husband and wife. You can have anything printed onto it and it can be used as a wall decoration.

If their 52nd anniversary is nearer Christmas, this would make a gorgeous holiday ornament.


[amazon fields=”B078XM2CKL” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is a beautiful, thought-provoking gift. After 52 years of marriage, many couples would have stargazed countless times and become lost in thought together.

This can be customized so they can see what the sky looked like on the very night they met or on their wedding day.


A Weekend Getaway Incorporating the Number 52

To celebrate all of those years together, you could book arrangements so they can spend a weekend away at a spa, lodge, or luxury hotel.

52 years could be the inspiration behind getaway gifts too. You could book a place 52 km from where they live or book a restaurant 52 minutes from their home.

Traditional Gifts Around the World

Depending on the country, traditional gifts differ. Where some celebrate with unique gemstones, others have no particular gift associated with the 52nd wedding anniversary.

Let’s explore some of the traditional gifts in various countries.

Traditional Gift in the UK

There is no traditional gift for a 52nd wedding anniversary in the UK. Nonetheless, many couples celebrate with their own unique gifts for their loved one.

Traditional Gift in the US

Just like the UK, the US doesn’t associate the 52nd wedding anniversary with any traditional gift. This leaves couples with wide options to choose from but some give gifts associated with other countries.

Traditional Gift in Spain

Yet again, there is no specific gift in Spain. Many celebrate with simple gifts or an evening of relaxing.

Traditional Gift in Germany

Celebrate! Germany has their own traditional gift of Topaz. This symbolizes honesty, clarity of feelings, and a deep emotional attachment which are all vital qualities in a strong, committed long-lasting marriage.

Traditional Gift in Russia

Russia also has no traditional gift. This leaves the option of personalized gifts in a variety of forms.

Traditional Gift in France

France’s traditional gift to celebrate 52 years of marriage is Tourmaline. This crystalline boron silicate mineral symbolizes qualities such as compassion and wisdom with others. It is thought to promote flexibility in thought and healing powers in some spiritual circles.

Traditional Gift in Italy

Finally, another country that doesn’t have a traditional gift. Like other countries with no particular associated gift, people celebrate in unique ways with personal choices.

Flower Gift

As you can see, many countries don’t have traditional gifts to celebrate 52 years of marriage. If this is the case where you are, flowers are a fantastic alternative.

Flowers are generally less expensive than Topaz to Tourmaline so are a great choice if you’re on a budget.

There is no particular flower associated with the 52nd wedding anniversary but a bouquet of 52 flowers is traditional. These are usually mixed flowers but can be a favorite of your partner’s or the special couple in your life.

Gemstone Gift

The traditional gemstone to celebrate 52 years of marriage is the star ruby. This is a very popular choice and is thought to vitalize energy. It is believed to increase mental capabilities and unlock the owner’s mental limitations. 

Modern Gift

Many couples celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary in special unique ways but the modern gift has not changed. Star ruby is still considered an appropriate gift for all these years of marriage.

Of course, these days it is far easier to find a wide range of gifts associated or made with a star ruby such as earrings, rings, tie pins, and many more. Whether you want to celebrate with a different gift, star ruby is still the go-to gemstone gift.

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