42nd Year Anniversary Gifts

Whether you are looking for a simple way to celebrate your 42nd anniversary, something along the lines of tradition, or you want to go all out and do something extravagant, we are going to give you some ideas to draw inspiration from in this article.

There are different ways of celebrating and different traditions surrounding gifts that are typically given, and we will explain everything there is to know about this anniversary here.

About 42nd Wedding Anniversaries

There are lots of different ways in which you can celebrate this anniversary, and you can even draw some inspiration from some of the gifting ideas from different countries.

Typically any traditional gifts that are given on this anniversary are gemstones, like jasper, but some countries have no traditions at all.

Some people might want to break away from the traditions and celebrate in a modern fashion with the theme of home gifts, but others might choose to draw inspiration from some of the traditions listed above.

You can come up with some creative ideas to celebrate at home, and we will give you some more ideas below.

42nd Year Anniversary Gifts

5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your 42nd Wedding Anniversary

  1. As the traditional flower for this year is a bouquet of mixed flowers, you could go out on a flower picking trip and create your very own floral arrangement together. 

  2. You could also stick with the modern theme of home, and choose to cook a romantic meal together. You could even light some candles and dim the lights to make it more atmospheric.

  3. You could also pick out a few of your favorite movies and sit on the couch, enjoying each other’s company in the comfort of your own home.
  4. Another idea that could be some fun is to choose a room to completely redecorate in your home. You could go out and choose your decor together, and spend the day decorating.

  5. If you don’t want to stay in, you could also go out for the evening for dinner and a movie to spend some quality time together.

5 Best 42nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him


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A gift that could definitely be used for relaxing at home is this electronic back massager that is definitely more than practical.

You could even get one for yourself and relax together while watching your favorite movie.


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If your partner is the kind of person that likes to wear rings, then this could be the perfect traditional gift for them.

The stunning red garnet stone definitely takes center stage, and it could be worn daily or for special occasions.


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Another gift that follows traditions is this mother of pearl tie clip that your partner can wear for occasions that require a tie.

This would be a really nice gift if you are going out somewhere nice for your anniversary.


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Another gift idea that features mother of pearl is this gorgeous pen that would be great for those who do a lot of writing at work or at home.


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This uniquely designed bracelet features jasper, and it could be perfect if your husband is into wearing jewelry.

5 Best 42nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her


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This simple yet stunning pair of pearl earrings could be the perfect gift for your wife if you were looking for something more traditional.


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If you want to get a gift that can be used at home, this luxury spa hamper is definitely something to look into, and she can use this at home for a relaxing night in.


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Another gift that fits into the more modern theme of home, while carrying the tradition of giving mother of pearl is this handmade photo frame.

You can even add your favorite picture of you two together to make it even more special.


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A gift that would definitely make a great addition to any home is this red jasper bonsai tree that will bring all of the properties of jasper into your house.


[amazon fields=”B07PZ9K19V” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is a beautiful beaded pearl wrap-around bangle that could be the perfect gift for your loved one. It even comes readily packaged in a gift box.

5 Best 42nd Wedding Anniversary Gift for the Couple


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For those couples that like to wear jewelry, these matching bracelets with different textured beads could be the perfect gift.

They are both different colors and have opposite king and queen crowns on them to make a statement.


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The perfect gift for two people that fits in with the theme of home is this cheese board set that comes with everything you need to make the perfect platter.

This could be a great gift for using on the evening of their anniversary.


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For couples that are partial to a drink, especially on such an occasion, this globe decanter set could make a really lovely display piece in their home.

Not only does it look the part, but it also has a practical use.


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For couples who prefer to spend the evening by the fire with a mug full of something warm, this Mr and Mrs matching mug gift set could be the one.

They are beautifully designed mugs with matching spoons that even come packaged in their own gift box.


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If you are looking for a gift that will be strictly saved for special occasions such as a 42nd anniversary, then these gorgeously handmade champagne glasses would make the perfect gift, even sticking with traditions.

Traditional Gifts Around the World

Traditional Gift in the UK

There isn’t typically any traditional gift that is given on the 42nd wedding anniversary in the UK, but you could look at the traditional gifts from other countries if you wanted to adopt a more traditional method of gifting to celebrate the occasion.

Traditional Gift in the US

The same as in the UK, the United States doesn’t have any traditional gifts that are to be given on this anniversary, but that doesn’t mean that you are forbidden from gifting at all. Hopefully, our list of gifts will give you some ideas.

Traditional Gift in Spain

In Spain, there is a traditional gift that is usually given on the 42nd anniversary, and this is Jasper, which is a beautiful gemstone that can be found in a variety of gifts, including ornaments and jewelry.

Traditional Gift in Germany

The traditional gift that is typically given and received on the 42nd anniversary in Germany is slightly different from some other places, as it is garnet. There are no other countries on our list that give garnet on this occasion.

Traditional Gift in Russia

In Russia, it is something entirely different again, and they opt for giving mother of pearl on the 42nd wedding anniversary to mark the occasion. Mother of pearl is made of the same nacre material of pearls, but they are both formed differently.

Traditional Gift in France

Following along the lines of gemstones being a traditional gift across the world that is given on the 42nd wedding anniversary, France’s traditional gift for this occasion is pearls. Pearls are a beautiful iridescent gemstone that can be found in many gift varieties.

Traditional Gift in Italy

The gift that is given in Italy to mark the occasion of the 42nd wedding anniversary is the same as that in Spain, which is jasper, a stone of strength and energy.

Flower Gift

You can get really creative with the flowers that are traditionally given on the 42nd wedding anniversary, as it is usually a bouquet of mixed flowers. You can choose lots of different colors and flowers, or even include a few of your partner’s favorites. You can go to a florist and pick out some attractive flowers to brighten up a space in your home and make this anniversary even more special. There is no limit to the flowers that you can and can’t use, so you can be as creative as you like with this task.

Gemstone Gift

The traditional gemstone gift that is given on the 42nd wedding anniversary is similar to that of some other countries, which is jasper. Jasper is a variety of chalcedony, and it comes in many different shapes and colors. Typically, the different colored pieces of jasper will have their own properties, but there are some general properties that this stone is known to have.

It is known that jasper is often referred to as the supreme nurturer, and it is able to support through times of stress by bringing the wearer tranquility and wholeness. It is thought to be able to provide the wearer with protection, and it is able to absorb any negative energy. Many associate this stone with its ability to balance yin and yang, and it also encourages the wearer to be honest with themselves. Jasper is also able to stimulate the imagination and help you to transform your ideas into action.

Modern Gift

The modern gift that is now typically given on the 42nd wedding anniversary is anything to do with the theme of the home. This opens up your options to a wide range of gifts that you can choose from, as long as they somehow relate to the home. This could be anything from homeware to decor, to ornaments, and it is up to you to decide on the perfect gift. This makes it much easier to decide on a gift, as it is not as obscure as some of the other gifting traditions.

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