24th Year Anniversary Gifts

The 24th wedding anniversary isn’t often thought of as important, but it’s one of the most fun and special to celebrate, as it is represented by everything musical.

24 years of marriage is symbolized by music, and the very important part it can play in romance, and there are plenty of things that can stem from that theme! This is because music can touch your mind, heart, and body, in unexplainable and powerful ways, just the same as love. 

About 24th wedding anniversaries

The 24th wedding anniversary is all about music, the luxury and richness of true love, and the soothing calm of a settled down marriage that is in sync.

Musical instruments, rich satin fabrics, purple flowers, and gemstones that focus on serenity and calm...you get the idea. Still, just in case you need some ideas for the anniversary, we’ve listed a few below! 

5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your 24th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Plan a musical date by buying tickets to go to a concert, or simply go and spend an evening at your favorite music club, and let yourself enjoy the experience together!

  2.  Plan a date night around all of the songs that summarize your marriage so far. You could drive out to a pretty spot and play them on a loudspeaker, and dance the night away while reminiscing about old times! 

  3.  If either one of you is musical enough, you could try and write a song together, or choose a song for each other to describe what 24 years of marriage mean to you. You could even do this by creating a unique playlist that you can revisit in the future! 

  4.  To take a step back and appreciate your marriage and love, you can take a trip to the spa together. No better way to celebrate the soothing aspect of love than by getting an ultimate relaxation experience! 

  5. Take a long walk somewhere calm and quiet, like a forest or a pretty garden. You can take a picnic with you and play some soft music. Enjoy the quiet moments together, as they are at the base of a healthy and long-lasting marriage!

5 Best 24th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for him


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Buying a musical instrument can be tricky if your husband doesn’t play any, so instead, you can get him a personalized song frame to fit the theme of the 24th wedding anniversary!


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In some countries, it is traditional to gift satin on the 24th wedding anniversary. These matching satin robes are the perfect anniversary gift to sit back and relax together!


[amazon fields=”B077FFJ94W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Men can be pampered too, and this luxury spa gift is perfect to remind him that he deserves to relax just as much so that you can both enjoy an anniversary spa day together.


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The 24th anniversary is about the quieter moments in love and marriage, so this simple and elegant pebble with a ‘One in a Million’ inscription is perfect to mark the occasion!


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This wood phone docking organizer station is perfect to take away your husband’s stress as an anniversary gift, and it will come in handy every day going forward!

5 Best 24th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her


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Tanzanite is the gemstone traditionally gifted on a 24th year wedding anniversary, so this beautiful oval tanzanite pendant and earrings set, in sterling silver, is absolutely perfect for the occasion and to show her how much she’s worth.


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The 24th wedding anniversary is all about music, with musical instruments being the typical gift.

This music box plays a beautiful rendition of ‘You are my Sunshine’ and it comes engraved with a meaningful message to your wife. The perfect keepsake for the occasion!


[amazon fields=”B08G8C22RC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The reason tanzanite is the gemstone chosen for the 24th wedding anniversary is that it represents a higher perception of love, as well as providing a calm and soothing environment.

This raw tanzanite crystal pendant will provide that very energy, and is perfect as the anniversary gift.


[amazon fields=”B07W86MG3N” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The 24th wedding anniversary is all about taking a step back and relaxing, to appreciate the overall experience of love and how it creates a safe space for both.

This extra-large vanilla lavender spa basket is perfect for your wife, and the lavender scent matches the flower used to symbolize 24 years of marriage!


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This spa and relaxation gift package is the perfect way to say that she deserves to relax and be pampered, to make her feel luxurious on such a meaningful occasion!

You can even enjoy it together and create your very own spa anniversary day at home!

5 Best 24th Anniversary Gift for the Couple


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As the theme for the 24th year wedding anniversary is music and musical instruments, why not give the couple this custom record player that hangs on the wall?

It’s perfect for the anniversary, and it will be a beautiful keepsake addition to their home.


[amazon fields=”B07CN1RQFG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Lavender is the traditional flower to gift on a 24th wedding anniversary but to ensure they last, you can gift an artificial lavender flower bundle to decorate their home, and create the soothing ambiance they need to celebrate.


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To help the couple relax and thoroughly enjoy the meaningful occasion of their 24th year wedding anniversary, you can give them this gift set of scented candles, which includes a lavender-scented one that is perfect to appropriately represent the serenity of love.


[amazon fields=”B07NF4GRHW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

It is likely that, on their 24th year wedding anniversary, the couple will take the opportunity to take a step back and enjoy the serenity of their love.

This floral soap set is the perfect addition to their home, and it will symbolize the occasion as a meaningful one.


[amazon fields=”B083ZWP8LC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

A wedding anniversary doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to be meaningful.

This simple heart ornament can be personalized to perfectly suit the couple, and it is a great keepsake for them to remember the occasion by!

Traditional, Modern, and Symbolic Anniversary Gifts

With each wedding anniversary, it can get harder and harder to think of suitable and appropriate gifts that are meaningful and symbolic every single time. The best bet is to look at what is traditionally gifted for that specific anniversary, as you then at least have a theme to bounce ideas off of!

Let’s take a look at the gifts traditional for the 24th wedding anniversary. 

Traditional Gift in the UK

The UK only really focuses on the popular and important milestones when it comes to wedding anniversaries, so it doesn’t actually have a traditional gift for the 24th year. Instead, you can think of something unique to your marriage, or take a look at what other places do!

Traditional Gift in the US

Just like the UK, the US doesn’t have a traditional gift with which to celebrate the 24th year of marriage. You can still mark it as a special occasion, but you will have to think of something unique to your marriage and journey!

Traditional Gift in Spain

The traditional 24th wedding anniversary gift in Spain is granite. This is one of the most commonly known rocks, used in buildings and constructions, you might not see it as a symbol of love. But granite can represent durability, strength, and enduring love.

Traditional Gift in Germany

In Germany, the traditional gift for the 24th wedding anniversary is satin. This fabric is soft and glossy, often linked to a rich luxury and to the pleasure of the senses. It is no wonder, then that it can also symbolize the richness of experiencing love.

Traditional Gift in Russia

Just like in Germany, the traditional gift for the 24th wedding anniversary in Russia is also satin.  The luxurious aesthetic of this fabric can easily represent the experience of love and is often linked to romance.

Traditional Gift in France

In France, the traditional 24th wedding anniversary gift is also satin, just like in Germany and Russia. However, in France, the satin might reference the softer side of love, with the elegance of romance and the soothing effect it can have.

Traditional Gift in Italy

In Italy, the traditional 24th wedding anniversary gift is an amethyst. This stone often symbolizes the soothing of emotions and the calming of passions, giving way to experience a settled and truer version of love.

Flower Gift

If you’re looking for the right flower to get for the 24th wedding anniversary, you should choose lavender. This flower is often linked to serenity, grace, and calmness. And the rich purple color can symbolize elegance and luxury, for a more refined experience of love.

Gemstone Gift

The typical gemstone associated with the 24th wedding anniversary is tanzanite. This purple-colored gemstone is often used to provide a soothing and calm environment, and it represents a higher perception, which in love, could mean taking a step back to appreciate.

Modern Gift

There are plenty of old traditions when it comes to wedding anniversaries, but what is the commonly given gift for the 24th wedding anniversary in today’s modern terms? A musical instrument! Music represents 24 years of marriage, so anything related to the theme works!

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