21st Year Anniversary Gifts

There are a few traditional themes for the 21st anniversary of marriage.

You could embrace sophistication and love with brass or nickel as these are seen to make a statement in your home or with your partner so they can treasure the gift for years.

About 21st wedding anniversary

The 21st wedding anniversary should be just as special as the previous years and the years to come. By this point in your marriage, you should find your relationship is better with each passing year.

Brass and nickel have become favorite gifts because of their beauty and sophistication and, just like love, they should be long lasting.

On the day of your 21st wedding anniversary, you would have spent 7,665 days together, 183,960 hours, 11,037,600 minutes, or to be even more precise 662 million seconds.

On average you may have only been apart for around 44,402 hours, depending on your work. You would have eaten a lot together, sharing around 16,700 meals together. That’s just over a year of eating!

There are many gifts you can buy your partner to celebrate this special occasion but you should make sure it’s something to wow them.

As you now know, without traditional gift ideas it can be hard to choose but consider the modern themed gift of brass or nickel with added iodite gems. As long as you make your 21st wedding anniversary something to remember, that’s all that counts.

21st Year Anniversary Gifts

5 unique ways to celebrate a 21st wedding anniversary

As with any anniversary, there are different ways to celebrate your love. Here are some fun ways to celebrate this special occasion.

  1. One way is to have an adventure. Spice things up and do something you wouldn’t usually do. This can maintain excitement in a relationship and make it as fun as the day you met. You could make your own adventure by exploring certain landmarks or sites. 

  2. You could also book an exciting vacation such as an activity holiday or beach break. Romantic getaways are a great way of spending valuable time together and relaxing from the real world. If you are already thrill seekers and have experienced the incredible thrill of skydiving, bungee jumping, or race car driving, you may have to think of something even more extreme.

  3. If thrill-seeking isn’t for you, you could also take it easy. Book a weekend away somewhere such as a spa and relax together. Whatever suits the both of you, make sure it is something you will BOTH enjoy!

  4. Why not rent a car and go on a dream road trip? Ever dreamt about driving down the highway in a stylish Porsche? Well, a 21st wedding anniversary would be a great time to do so! Go out for the day or keep driving until you find a hotel.

  5. Have a staycation. If traveling isn’t for you, you could always just relax at home. If you have kids or pets, ask a close friend or family member if they can stay at their house for the weekend. Take this time to eat romantic dinners and watch your favorite movies together on the sofa. Unwind and enjoy another year of marriage.

5 Best 21st Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

It is important to find something that shows how much you love him but can also bring joy.

Here are some ideas for gifts to get your husband:


[amazon fields=”B074DWW81Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Following the brass theme, why not get him a brass telescope? These old-fashioned telescopes look great and have a certain elegance about them.

It will look good in any room of the house.


[amazon fields=”B00079PRVQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

A brass sundial could mix things up a bit. Instead of a traditional watch, spice things up with a beautiful brass sundial which would look great in the garden.


[amazon fields=”B07SDBBD9J” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

A brass bracelet would be a very charming accessory. Brass can look amazing as jewelry and is suitably fitting for a 21st wedding anniversary.


[amazon fields=”0641079605″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This eloquent brass pocket pen is both handy and attractive. If your husband does a lot of writing with work or crossword puzzles, his own brass pen would be a great gift.


[amazon fields=”B07B3S5MPG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

How about an Iolite men’s ring? Isolate has a wonderful effect on jewelry so you could surprise him with his very own 21st wedding anniversary rustic gem

5 Best 21st Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

You want to get her something that will show how much you love her and symbolizes your long-lasting love.

Here are some ideas for gifts to get your wife:


[amazon fields=”B07H4DJLMF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

An iolite ring is a gorgeous gift for your wife to celebrate 21 years of marriage. She will be reminded of your love for her every time she wears it and the qualities that have made your marriage so successful.


[amazon fields=”B010SKFQCS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The fragrance of Iris has been adored by perfumers for years. Its floral, woody note is exquisite and Prada’s Infusion d’Iris would be a wonderful 21st wedding anniversary gift.


[amazon fields=”B074SZ8D1M” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

With opal being a traditional gift in some countries, why not incorporate it into your anniversary. A stunning opal necklace would symbolize your love for her perfectly and would look gorgeous too.


[amazon fields=”B07PDVLKWW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Talk about classy! Your wife would look beautiful with these glamorous earrings. These also include brass, another modern gift for a 21st wedding anniversary.


[amazon fields=”B00BMLDRLK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

A beautiful watch would be perfect to celebrate all the time that has gone by since your wedding day. Choosing a stylish watch with an elegant finish would top off your wife’s sophistication.

5 Best 21st Anniversary Gift for the Couple

Buying gifts for a couple can be a little more challenging. You should keep in mind the couple’s tastes but here are some fantastic ideas to celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary:


A couple’s spa day

Treating a happy couple to a spa day will make them even happier! Let them get pampered and cared for together in a relaxing setting to make them feel 21 years younger.


[amazon fields=”B07MK3FMM5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Personalized keyrings are a great way of celebrating a couple’s love for each other. They are fun and practical with many to choose from. You could even attach a mini-calendar to celebrate all their years of marriage.


[amazon fields=”B07T1N674T” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Brass ornaments can fit in any space of the home and look stylish. Keep in mind what the tastes are of the couple but a simple design is a safer option for most tastes.


Dinner and a show

Treat the happy couple to a delicious dinner in one of their favorite restaurants. After that, they can spend the evening watching some entertainment, be it in a musical or comedy club. Whatever the coupe would prefer, make sure they celebrate in style.


[amazon fields=”B07PBWVXVF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If the couple you know like their cocktails, you should consider a cocktail making set. These don’t only look stunning but are easy to use for quick, easy cocktails on their 21st wedding anniversary night.

Traditional, Modern, and Symbolic Anniversary Gifts

Traditionally, only some countries have traditional gifts to celebrate the 21st wedding anniversary. That said, countries that haven’t celebrated with traditional gifts have changed in modern times with the 21st anniversary being associated with nickel or brass.

Here is a list of countries and their traditional gifts for the 21st wedding anniversary:

Traditional Gifts Around the World

Although these are considered appropriate, the 21st wedding anniversary isn’t as celebrated as other milestones such as the 30th. Nonetheless, brass and nickel open up many possibilities of gifts and items to celebrate 21 years of marriage.

Nickel is a beautiful metal found in many jewelry items around the world. Brass is ideal for home furnishings or even outdoor garden objects. More options to choose from are sculptures or stylish paperweights with engravings emblazoned on them.

Flower gift

It may come as a surprise but there are no flowers connected to the 21st wedding anniversary. Many anniversaries are celebrated with certain flowers to show love and their brilliant flowers are seen to symbolize the beautiful memories and experiences the couple have experienced together.

Nevertheless, some couples celebrate with an iris. These flowers have been loved by artists for many years and some see their beauty as the perfect gift to celebrate this occasion. It symbolizes admiration, faith, courage, wisdom, and hope which are all vital qualities in a strong relationship.

Gemstone gift

The gemstone most associated with the 21st wedding anniversary is iolite. This stunning gem is also known as “cordierite” and is sometimes even colorless.

These are typically quite delicate but have a wonderful blue/purple tinge to their look. Iolite is generally ideal for jewelry like bracelets, as a necklace accessory, or a ring.

Modern gift

As we have mentioned, due to no traditional symbols or materials associated with a 21st wedding anniversary, many couples don’t celebrate with any particular gift.

To make up for this, some modern couples have incorporated the giving of brass and nickel.

Traditional Gift in the UK

No traditional gift

Traditional Gift in the US

No traditional gift

Traditional Gift in Spain


Traditional Gift in Germany


Traditional Gift in Russia


Traditional Gift in France


Traditional Gift in Italy


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