11th Year Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating your 11th year anniversary is quite an achievement, but it can be challenging to think of ideas after celebrating a decade of marriage the year before. 

In this article, we explore 11th year anniversary gifts to ease the pressure off you to think of the perfect gift. We explore the different gifts that are traditional to give across the world for the 11th anniversary, as well as looking at the gemstone and flower gifts that are appropriate to commemorate the occasion! 

We’ve also compiled a list of our top picks for anniversary gifts giving you plenty of inspiration for the perfect gift. Whether it’s a gift for your wife, your husband, or simply for a special couple that you may have in your life, we have got you covered.

About 11th Wedding Anniversaries

Steel is one of the strongest, most durable metals in the world, and therefore a very fitting symbol for the 11th wedding anniversary, also known as the Steel Anniversary. 

Strength and endurance, therefore, define this momentous occasion! 

5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your 11th Wedding Anniversary

Breakfast in Bed

If you fancy a more lowkey 11th wedding anniversary, why not keep it simple by surprising your significant other with breakfast in bed?

The options truly are endless and you can customize and cook their favorite breakfast foods to give them the most special start to your day together. You could even cut their pancakes into heart shapes!  


If you still want to keep your day lowkey but do something more outdoorsy to celebrate, a picnic is a lovely way to commemorate an anniversary!

If it’s a warm day out, why not pack a blanket to sit on and bring a basket filled with fresh fruit, pastries, and your favorite bubbly to mark the occasion? It will be an unforgettable experience, and it’s one step up from breakfast in bed. 

Vineyard Tour and Tasting

Keeping with the theme of the outdoors, if you and your partner like drinking wine, a vineyard tour and tasting can be a very romantic way of celebrating your anniversary!

Not only are vineyards stunning locations on a hot, summer’s day, but you can also try a bunch of new wines that you’ll forever associate with your special day. 

Revisit Your First Date Spot

If you’re struggling with ideas, a romantic idea is to revisit your first date spot. Why not recreate the magic of your first date?

Not only will you relive old memories of when you first started dating, but you’ll be able to reminisce about how far you’ve come since then! 

Spa Day

If you really want to spoil your partner, a luxurious anniversary experience is a spa day. Depending on your partner’s preferences, you can book treatments that suit their needs such as massages, facials, and even a manicure and pedicure.

What beats lounging around with your significant other? 

5 Best 11th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him


If you’re looking to treat your husband, nothing says luxurious like a premium watch. Why not spoil him with something traditional that he’ll use every day but that he’s definitely not expecting?

You’ll blow him away with this surprise!


If your partner is a fan of drinking shorts, a hipflask is the perfect drinking companion for on the go and makes a great 11th anniversary gift for your husband! 


Cufflinks are a sleek and classic anniversary present, and for your 11th anniversary are a simple present to fit in line with tradition!

These are relatively inexpensive, yet are made out of high-quality stainless steel and will make a great addition to your husband’s wardrobe. 


This Infinity tie clip is the perfect addition to any ensemble and smartens up any date night outfit, making it a perfect and affordable anniversary gift for your husband!


If your husband is a whiskey drinker, these steel balls are the perfect drink cooler and simultaneously tick the traditional box too!

Just freeze for 90 minutes beforehand, and drop into your favorite drink! 

5 Best 11th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her


The Michael Kors Pyper Stainless Steel Watch is effortlessly chic, providing luxurious style with a modern splash of trend-right touches.

For a luxurious gift to treat your wife on your 11th anniversary, this watch ticks all the right boxes! 


These Tiffany & Co. Sunglasses boast a turquoise colored rim that is a perfect nod to your 11th wedding anniversary, as turquoise is the gemstone traditionally given!

As a premium present to spoil your wife, you really can’t go wrong with a gift from Tiffany & Co.


As turquoise is the traditional gemstone for your 11th anniversary gift, these earrings are the perfect way to commemorate your love on your special day.

Surprise your wife with this lovely sentiment! 


This dainty Jude Jewelers Stainless Steel ring is the perfect, understated gift.

This affordable ring looks lovely stacked with other jewelry or stunning just on its own.


If your wife is a champagne or prosecco drinker, these stainless steel glasses are a luxurious must-have!

BPA free and made out of 18/8 stainless steel, they’re the perfect addition to your kitchen. 

5 Best Anniversary Gift for the Couple


Kitchenware is a classic anniversary present and makes a lovely addition to any couple’s home.

If you’d rather not go down the stainless steel theme, there’s nothing more cutesy than a matching Mr. and Mrs. Mug Set.


Gifts for the home are easy and convenient for anniversaries, and a stainless steel cutlery set stays in theme for the traditional steel anniversary!


If the couple you’re buying for are fans of road trips and are big coffee drinkers, why not buy them these stainless steel coffee mugs?

Still sticking with tradition and providing convenience, these mugs are an excellent gift.


If in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with a beautiful picture of the couple in a good quality stainless steel picture frame!

It’s a personal and sentimental gift, what’s not to love?


This Way Of Hearts Metal Love Sign is the perfect anniversary gift for a couple that is dear to your heart.

It might feel like an obvious choice, but every time that they look at in their home they’ll think of you and what the sign represents!

Traditional, Modern, and Symbolic Anniversary Gifts

Universally for the 11th year wedding anniversary, you’ll find that traditional gifts tend to overlap between countries with the odd variation.

The following gifts written below are considered traditional according to their country.

Traditional Gift in the UK

Traditionally in the UK, the 11th wedding anniversary is known as the Steel Anniversary. This is because it is customary to gift your significant other with steel gifts, such as jewelry, watches, and more!

Traditional Gift in the US

Similarly to the UK, the traditional gift given to celebrate the occasion in the US is steel, with steel jewelry or cufflinks being a popular choice!

Traditional Gift in Spain

The traditional gift to celebrate your 11th anniversary in Spain is also steel, but you could always celebrate with fashion jewelry instead if they would prefer that. 

Traditional Gift in Germany

In Germany, it is customary to give your partner steel for your 11th wedding anniversary. If you wanted to mix it up, you could get your partner a set of stainless steel cutlery. 

Traditional Gift in Russia

Traditionally in Russia, a gift of steel is also customary to gift your significant other, with couples sometimes gifting steel jewelry, ornaments, or plaques.

Traditional Gift in France

The traditional gift to commemorate your 11th wedding anniversary in France is coral. In this case, coral colored jewelry makes the perfect gift for your spouse!

Traditional Gift in Italy

The traditional gift to commemorate your 11th anniversary in Italy is maple wood, such as a wooden cross or sign with your anniversary written on it!

Flower Gift

The flower gift for an 11th anniversary is a tulip! The tulip symbolizes elegance, grace, perfect love, and fame and is a perfect gift for your anniversary.

Gemstone Gift

The gemstone for the 11th wedding anniversary is turquoise, and is a wonderful gift to commemorate the start of the next decade of anniversaries as its color symbolizes a prosperous and healthy future.

Modern Gift

A modern gift for an 11th year anniversary would be fashion jewelry and accessories. 

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